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Child Custody

One of the more difficult challenges parents face when it comes to a divorce is establishing child custody and visitation rights. Most courts will typically rule in favor of the child’s best interests but determining those can sometimes be difficult.
A few aspects that go into child custody are:

  • The child’s age, gender, and health (both physical and mental)
  • The parents’ health (both physical and mental)
  • The ability for either parent to provide necessities for the child such as food, clothing, and shelter
  • The living situation of each parent
  • School district locale
  • The child’s preference (if over the age of 12)

Depending on the above factors, the court will then award both legal and physical custody to one or both parents. The child custody and visitation agreement can be modified if both parents are willing and it still falls within the child’s best interests, but typically there needs to be a lifestyle change such as relocation, job loss, or marital status.


It is important to have an experienced and understanding divorce lawyer on your side.  You must choose a lawyer who will listen to you and be willing to explain all the legalities concerning divorce.

At The Law Offices of Alan G. Moravcik, we will listen to you and offer expert legal advice.  We will help you regain balance and perspective as you work your way through this difficult process.

We are here to help with your questions about:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Property Division
  • Costs Related to Divorce
  • The Length of Time Your Divorce Will Take

Parental Alienation

Children need and deserve a good relationship with both parents whenever possible. When one parent actively works to alienate a child or children from the other parent, it can be very damaging to the child(ren) involved. It often results in confusion, anger and loyalty struggles for children as they are growing up. Parental Alienation is taken very seriously by the family court system.  Alan Moravcik can help you prove parental alienation when it exists so that the behavior can be stopped.


Why is Paternity Important?

Texas Law states that a child who is born to a man and a woman who are not legally married has no legal father.  A biological father and a legal father are different. When the child’s parents complete an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) to constitute legal fatherhood, it helps to protect the rights of the child

Facts about Paternity

  • Courts cannot order the father to pay child support unless the paternity has been confirmed.
  • Visitations and possession of the child cannot be forced by the father until a paternity has been established.
  • Health insurance and other benefits may be provided for the child by the father.
  • The child may be eligible for other benefits such as Social Security, veterans’ benefits, health care or other government benefits.

What is Paternity?
Paternity is defined as fatherhood. When both parents will sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity, it is filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics and the biological father will also become the legal father. Once paternity is confirmed, the father can be named on the birth certificate. The court can order the father to pay child support and give him rights to visitations and possession of his child. For more information about child support services or establishing paternity, please call the Attorney General’s Child Support Regional Call Centers or call (800) 252-8014 for the phone number of the child support office nearest you.


The idea of not being able to see your children every day can be devastating. You may feel out of control when your child is spending the majority of his or her time with the other parent. It is important to get legal action to help you ease the pain of this and gain your rights to your child or children again. Call The Law Offices of Alan G. Moravcik today or schedule a free consultation to start the visitation and support you and your children deserve

In Texas, the rights to child custody and visitations are more flexible for families with different structures and desires. The main focus is always “what is best for the child” so it can be crucial to have an experienced family law lawyer to avoid any complications or arrangements that the court will not approve.


Are you researching adoption?
Adoption is a life-changing decision whether you’re considering adoption or placing your child with an adoptive family.

Texas laws regulating adoption are elaborate and require a skilled attorney who can expertly guide you through the adoption process. The Law Offices of Alan G. Moravcik will help you avoid legal drawbacks that usually result in costly delays or denials.



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